Artist's Statement

Anguish not in deciphering my work; look for the obvious intent. Immerse yourself to the depths of the sculpture, explore the unknown, and partake of the spiritual journey therein. I recommend that you live only with sculpture that strives for a higher purpose.

While my sculpture is about human dilemmas, environmental travesties and sociological injustices, it also reveals the optimism found in human consciousness, that is, consciousness evolving to a higher level. I trust that I am on the following path:
  • a life of creative expression
  • self respect
  • dispelling others’ misconceptions and myths of what sculpture should be

Sculpture can be anything or everything as long as it is rooted in ideology yet emits a provocative concept inviting philosophical discourse. Successful and satisfying outcomes creating sculpture usually require some planning. Selection of the appropriate medium compatible to the sculpture's predetermined theme hinges on depth perception analysis (DPA) as well as cost and availability of materials (CAM). However, I do not always start out with a planned theme; the experience of interacting with the material/medium allows a theme to emerge and develop.

Thank you for visiting my website, looking at my photos, and reading about my life as a sculptor. I hope that I have given you some new insights and appreciation for the process of creating three dimensional art. I also hope I have provided opportunities for existential thought and self examination in terms of social responsibility.