Site-specific Earthworks

Site Specific Earth Reconfiguration (SSER) aka earth sculpture is a medium that allows me to work on a monumental scale with any and all natural substances or raw materials: dirt, rock, vegetation and timber, water and water borne vegetation. I am also proud to be using repurposed materials such as concrete, spent gravel and road base. Of course only non-toxic liquids and materials are acceptable. Monumental scale requires monumental earth moving equipment and the skills to wield and place massive loads.

Rural areas, large tracts of land, or large geologic bodies are likely to be selected for SSER. By its very nature SSER is devoid of the preciousness and intimacy of gallery art.

Warning! Earth sculpture is a domain where you might lose yourself, or find yourself step into ancient history and experience startling revelations about civilization.

The scope and purpose of my earth sculpture usually addresses important environmental or sociological concerns. My “Rivers of Denial” project is about the devastation of rivers and waterways worldwide. Your reaction to these deep winding trenches may be proportional to your awareness of the risks to our water resources. Another SSER of mine is “Contemplation for Transformation” which offers respite for those seeking to come to terms with their immense ego-based attitudes of entitlement. Here you can walk among an array of 25 ft tall pyramids that hold a relationship to the solstices, making your interaction with the universe possible.

Different principles are necessary for SSER implementation and the ultimate success depends on site specificity and dynamics of form. Successful and meaningful sculpture invites challenging philosophical discourse and commentary by an informed and enlightened public. To bring this about is one my greatest wishes.