Cast Bronze & Iron

I compare all other mediums to stone. A delicate intimacy occurs while working with stone, but with cast iron the relationship requires BRUTE STRENGTH!

How do people perceive my cast pieces?–- Relics, artifacts from tribal societies, fossils from millennia past, hidden objects that discover you as much as you discover them. How were such forms conceived?—The seeds were planted in me when I visited temples in Southeast Asia and saw castings representing daily life and the power of the divine. Later while working in a foundry, I learned the principles and techniques of cast iron and bronze. My appreciation for this medium is partially due to my primal instincts to create abstract sculptural forms.

Especially exciting for me is the ability to create a shape by transforming negative space into positive space. By challenging the brain to think and work additively or subtractively on a sculpture I gain more flexibility in design. The advantage of working in cast iron and bronze is a fluidity of process which allows for changes along the way. Changes in thought, pattern, design, and form are luxuries, a freedom rarely enjoyed while carving stone.

Cast bronze is a great choice for the public arena and your home, offering ease of transporting and installation as well as being durable and easy to maintain. Appropriately sited cast sculpture will make a strong impact yet remain affordable.