Carved Stone

During my formative years I enjoyed constructing models of castles with moats, railway systems with overhead trestles, and forts with secret passageways. I quickly learned to appreciate and respect stones as building material. In my teens I collected rocks while hiking, hoping my surplus canvas pack would not split apart from the 70-100 lb loads that only I seemed to appreciate. As a young man I acquired a solid foundation in stone-work from building rock walls, shaping and lining canyons, and assembling causeways. Travels abroad influenced me greatly: temples in India, castles in Europe, and intriguing stone villages everywhere. I felt compelled to work with stone and sought out opportunities for gaining artisan skills. After a year of working with a master stone carver in Italy there was no turning back — I ventured forth in Life as a stone carver.

The satisfaction, both mental and physical, that I derive from carving stone is immeasurable and unpredictable. Each experience invariably presents a new set of challenges which is necessary for my intellectual and spiritual growth. Sure, knowledge and skills develop over time. Yes, transforming stone through diligent manipulation, hard labor and dedication to perfection ultimately bring me satisfaction. However the real proof of advancement is whether I have made a spiritual contribution to the universe.

I am indeed fortunate that my carvings have great visual impact and substance. I am compelled to harness all of my energy to fulfill my vow to the universe and to society to awaken and liberate the image within.

Such is the power of stone.